Three attitudinal variables were employed as indicators of institutionalisation.

What is institutionalisation and why was it measured?

Institutionalisation refers to the process throughout which rules and procedures of an organisation are impregnated with value (Selznick, 1948). It refers to all practices that are unwritten, but observed by the members of the organisation. According to some authors in organisation theory, such practices determine the behaviour of people in an organisation.

Respondents that agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

Variables Per cent (Total N of responses)
Serving the European public interest is an important drive in my daily life (at work or outside work). 79.5 % (265)
What I do should contribute to the welfare of European citizens. 87.0 % (334)
To me, serving the European public interest is more important than helping individual persons. 34.0 % (330)